Friday, March 16, 2007

Blog Post 5: Video Blogs

To cap off my internet fundamentals class, I wanted to experiment with videoblogging. It seems many are creating vlogs in all types of vlog genres to express their story and personality. Much like writing, topic, tone, and audience are the key points to remember when deciding on a videoblog. The creator of videoblog can decide on what is newsworthy by determining the subject and content of the videoblog. They are also used as personal journals, vlog shows, journalism, and experimental vlogs. Most importantly, in order to create a video blog one must feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Is this a market that will replace more sophisticated media productions? Is the audience going to be other vlog creators or will vlogs be an effective source of news and entertainment? It is hard to know where the future of vlogs is going. They are different than blogs, because many can write effectively, but it may be difficult to pull off a more sophisticated vlog with everyday tools. But if one wants to try there, and many have, there are tools available.
Windows Media , QuickTime , Flash are the three main formats for viewing videos. One this is achieved you can begin making your own vlog you can download videos from, YouTube, IFilm Metacafe or create your own.

If you want to just vlog browse, there are several places to help you with that too. You can start by looking at The 2006 Weblog Awards: Best Video Blog. There are a few thousand vlogs out there and difficult to know where or how to start searching for a favorite vlog. VlogRolls help their audience to start a search for vlogs that may be of interest to them. Steve Garfield’s videosoup is an example of a vlogroll. By going to this videoblog, one can link to Garfield’s featured vlogs.

Directories also link users to different types of vlogs for different types of interest by cataloging vlogs. For example, Videobloggers and podcasters that is using Mefeedia, a directory that takes you through the catalog alphabetically, ranking or tags.
VlogDir at catalogs the latest and most popular vlogs.
Google VlogMap displays videobloggers all over the world. Just click on the map and the number of vlogers in that specific area will come up.
Comment sections on vlogs allow the viewer to give feeback.

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nylon said...

I think videocasting is great for libraries. I can see library tours, instruction sessions, town meetings, book talks being videocast for more effect. This would have particular use in academic library for Bibliographic Instriction sessions and computer tutorials.